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Seter & Vander Wall, P.C. provides comprehensive representation in all matters to all types of Colorado special districts, including metropolitan districts, water and sanitation districts, and park and recreation districts. We also provide representation to other Colorado local governments, including general improvement districts, business improvement districts and library districts. Our services are available to clients in the Denver metro area and throughout Colorado.

Our attorneys work directly with district managers, board members and other parties on matters such as:

  • Formation
  • Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights (TABOR) compliance
  • Taxes (collection, assessment, mill levy certification, audits)
  • Election law (debt authorizations, directors, individual elections, coordinated elections, election administration)
  • Budgets
  • Construction projects (bidding, financing, bonds, fees)
  • Meetings (compliance with Title 32 and open meetings laws, qualification of officers and directors)
  • Insurance (officer and director policies, liability policies and claims)
  • Boundary changes (inclusions and exclusions of property)
  • Contracts (employment, construction, independent contractors, consultants)
  • Employment law (policies, EEOC and Colorado Civil Rights Division claims)
  • Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) compliance
  • Litigation
Title 32 and Special Districts - SVWPC

We pride ourselves on the long-lasting partnerships we have built with the special districts we represent, guiding them through the formation process and counseling them on all the legal and operational matters they face during their lifetimes. Our clients return to us not only to resolve their unique challenges, but for ongoing legal services, due to the decades of experience that our lawyers offer.

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