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At Seter, Vander Wall & Mielke P.C., our attorneys represent clients in civil litigation and appeals in state and federal court stemming from:

  • Federal, state, local government and special district issues
  • Disputes between multiple special districts
  • Disputes between special districts and real estate developers
  • Real estate disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Eminent domain disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Property valuation challenges

Disputes involving local government issues often involve specialized and complex issues. Seter, Vander Wall & Mielke P.C.’s role as general counsel to special districts, improvement districts and local governments gives us unique insight into the issues important to our clients during litigation. We use this experience to provide strategic, measured and thoughtful litigation representation.

Civil Litigation and Appeals - SVWPC

Civil Litigation

We forge the path most likely to provide a solution. That begins with litigation counseling and reviewing our client’s situation and goals. Reaching those goals may be effectively accomplished through skilled settlement negotiations. In some cases, alternative dispute resolution strategies such as arbitration may be valuable or even contractually required. When necessary, we will bring our trial skills to bear, arguing for a positive outcome in front of a judge and jury. In some cases, the solution may not require litigation at all. We provide litigation prevention counseling, often helping our clients to mitigate disputes before lawsuits are filed or to avoid disputes altogether. Ours is a proactive, solutions-driven approach.


We handle appeals at all levels, including in Colorado appellate courts, federal appellate courts and the U.S. Supreme Court. If needed, we are prepared to appeal any unfavorable decision that arises in civil litigation that we handle. We also accept appeals of cases initially handled by other lawyers.

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